Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We are committed to helping achieve and maintain a higher level of consciousness. Our participants are aided in identifying the amount of time and energy exhausted while connecting with unprovoked, unsolicited thoughts and their emotionalattachments. This technique we have termed Ceremonial Thought Processing.

It is imperative for the newly recovering person to pay close attention to what the mind is entertaining in order to illuminate the risk of relapse. What I have personally attained through this process is a greater understanding of others, and myself, which has led to the elimination of much judgment and suffering. The time and energy once arrested by ill thought has become transparent, allowing an increase in productivity and an opportunity to experience a more meaningful life with distinctive purposes.

Our practices primarily consist of enhancing the clients preexisting abilities to assess themselves - a noological stance. We believe that programs of recovery have been designed around spiritual principles and acknowledge that spirituality cannot be forged out of fear, threats or manipulations.

At the same time we have much experience at identifying flaws in character and are
quick but discreet in pointing them out.

You are cordially invited to visit our web site www.tpals.net.

Roy Gilgallon